Kenzo Air Intense EDT 50ml


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The Amouage Fate for men comprises of interesting notes such as saffron, wormwood, ginger, cumin, and mandarin. Saffron gives a soft and leathery scent, which is enhanced by the juicy and vibrant accord of mandarin. Wormwood gives a bitter green scent that calms your senses and blends well with the other notes. Also, cumin and ginger bring in a good amount of spice for that fiery touch.


TThe Fate for men perfume features roses, olibanum, lavender, immortelle, labdanum, and copahu balm in the heart. The floral and soothing notes of roses and lavender over power the spicy top notes. Olibanum with its sweet fragrance, the caramelized immortelle note, and the strong labdanum accord infuses and give an interesting twist. The copahu balm note offers a thick balsamic touch.
The base notes of this Amouage perfume for men contains tonka, labdanum, cedar, sandalwood, musk, and licorice. The magnificent accords of sandalwood, labdanum, and cedar promise a sweet and powdery scent. The musk and licorice notes bring a smoky and bittersweet flavor to the fragrance.


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